Sailboats are an archetype and all of us have some internal emotional response whenever we see one.  I am sure this is true even for those who may have never seen one before .  I recall first year ancient  Greek philosophy class,  the universe was thought by some philosophers to be composed of air, earth, fire and water.  I am building representations of the entire universe.  The air, earth, and water elements of a sailboat are obvious.   And the fire is the human spirit solving the problems to get onto the water and the courage required to venture out to sea. ( Purchase your universe here!)

The sculptures are made of domestic, exotic, and reclaimed wood.  Most are maritime oriented, usually sailboats and they range in size from 1 1/2 inch ornaments to 16 inch long stand alone sailboats.

This activity has become the current theme of my retirement.  I have had successful booths at art festivals and fairs in Washinton and California.  My current art shows are listed on another tab.   Some of my work is also available at several specialty retailers in the Puget sound area.  These retailers are also listed on another tab.

I have donated sculptures to various non-profit auctions in the Puget Sound area.   If you represent a nonprofit you may contact me via the contact tab if you think I may help.